We could begin this presentation by saying what everyone says... ”We are this, we are that…” but we’d rather be honest! If you are looking to be serviced by a logistic company, not a big corporation, full of rules and regulations and everlasting meetings that usually go nowhere else but into your pocket... you reached the right place.

We are in Miami, FL, land of gateways to all countries in Latin America, anything below the Ecuador line coming from the world usually transits here. Miami is an atypical place in North America and because of that sometimes by not choosing right your partner or service company you might end up in “hot waters” almost literally.

We have a long history in Miami, not the name Astec Logistics, but the people who run it... 25 years and plus.!

We can give you an honest picture of what can be done in Miami, to Miami and from Miami on. Oceanfreight, Airfreight and Trucking, we can assist you and all those areas.

Clear picture, no gimmick, and no corporate run around…

Just get in touch with us. We will be straight to the point, even if it is A to B only.


Astec Logistics Inc.

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